Wedding Catering In Cumbria

wedding catering CumbriaThe Rolled Ice Cream Factory brings mouth-watering, hand-made rolled ice cream cold desserts to weddings in Cumbria. You can hire our ice cream catering services for your own Cumbria wedding. No matter the size or location of your wedding, we cater for all weddings of any size at both indoor and outdoor Cumbria venues.


We also provide hire services for the following Cumbria events:


  • Festivals
  • Night clubs
  • Fates
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Retirements parties
  • Christenings
  • Corporate events
  • Discos
  • Sports Events
  • Private Parties


Rolled ice cream is a delicious new hand-made ice cream dessert that is made to order, while-you-wait. It originates from SE Asia and is the latest food craze sweeping the UK.rolled ice cream Cumbria

The Rolled Ice Cream Factory is a Cumbria catering company with many years of industry experience. We are are fully qualified in food hygiene and food safety.

  • The exciting new way of creating a tasty ice cream dessert while-you-wait
  • Hand-made ice cream frozen treat made by pouring milk or yoghurt onto an iced grill
  • A variety of flavours and toppings including fresh fruit, chocolate and whipped cream
  • As many delicious and unique flavour combinations as you can imagine!

Why Choose Rolled Ice Cream Factory?

Here at the the Rolled Ice Cream Factory we make fresh mouth watering rolled ice cream right in front of your eyes. We provide excitement, flavour and enthusiasm to both private and public events with our Cumbria ice cream hire service.


Our secret ingredient is added to all of our ice cream for a roll that leaves your taste buds extremely satisfied.


Watch in amazement and anticipation as the ingredients are mixed, chopped then rolled into delicious yummy ice cream roll perfection.


Nobody rolls ice cream quite like the Rolled Ice Cream Factory.

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